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Heirloom Food Company is an award winning, diverse full service catering & food truck operation in Toronto. Known equally for sweet and savoury creations, we can cater to any event- big or small. From food trucks to full service catering, we do it all. 


Run by trained chefs, Heirloom is known for fusion style catering eats. Bringing in the importance of sourcing locally and ethically, we pack a punch of flavour with every bite. Heirlooms food trucks can be found strictly at food festivals and events around the city, from spring until early winter. 


Founded by two lovers of food and hospitality, Heirloom combines a chef driven experience with notable customer service. 

 Heirloom thrives in using only the best and most fresh ingredients daily. Every component on the menu is made from scratch, with care and attention. Our goal is to provide the city with some of the best food possible. When working with us, you won’t have to worry about quality at your next catered event- we guarantee it. Heirloom can work with every budget and special request you may have. Let us take care of the details.

Made From Scratch, Always

Ethical Sourcing

Heirloom believes in one strict philosophy when it comes to food. We believe in taking care of the surrounding environment and focusing on the true

 aspect of where our food comes from. We strive to push the limit on what can be used from our own environment. Sustainable driven food is our purpose. Growing relationships with local farmers is what sets us apart from the regular. 

Recently being named “Best Dessert” in Toronto by Now Magazine, we are known for our decadent Cheesecake creations around the city. Being featured on large outlets like Insider, Food Network, Cosmopolitan and more, we have made a mark with our Homemade Cheesecake On A Stick. After launching a new food truck dedicated to Cheesecake desserts in the summer of 2019, we have added drool worthy items like homemade ice cream sandwiches, artisan soft serve and half pound cookies to the menu. Made with local diary and quality ingredients, we promise it’s worth the calories!


The Best Desserts In Toronto

Unique Food Truck Experiences 

Voted "Best Food Truck" three years in a row by Now Magazine, Heirloom is noted in Toronto for having two of the most popular food trucks. Heirloom has the reputation of providing a one of a kind mobile dining experience. The food truck menus have vast options, with the possibility of creating your own theme. Whether it be a casual lunch at the office, late night wedding snacks or a private function, Heirloom promises a hand crafted, unforgettable meal.

Our Impact

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