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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space does the food truck need for parking?

We require an even ground without any obstacles to park (trees, curbs, etc). The food truck is 29 feet in length, and requires ample parking space. Typically the food truck takes up 4 regular parking spaces. ​

Can you park anywhere?

We typically prefer not to park directly on the street. Please include in your inquiry if you may need the truck to park on a public street. If there is a parking meter, it could be a possibility. We prefer to park on private property (parking lots, level driveways, etc.)

How long do you need to set up for an event? What does set up include?


Our minimum spend from May-September during the week (Mon-Fri) is $2,000.00 including HST & Fees. On weekends, from May-September the minimum spend is $3,000.00 including HST & Fees. We are willing to work within a budget if there is one in place, as long as our minimum spends are met, 

Please note we absolutely do not attend catering events unless our minimum spend is met. This includes events where guests purchase meals themselves with cash.

From October-April, our minimum spend is $2,000.00 including HST and Fees for weekdays and weekends.

What payments do you take for booking?

We accept credit card (2 percent fee), EFT, e-transfer & cheques. Payment methods and instructions will be on the second page of the invoice. 

What is the booking process for the food truck?

We ask for a 50 percent deposit to hold the date with us. After the deposit is left, menu and guest count changes can still be made up until the final payment is due. Final payments are due 7 days before the event. Please note if this is a last minute booking (3-4 weeks away) we will ask for a full payment to secure the date with us.

What if we go over the portions of food we ordered?

We always bring a small buffer of extra meals (10-15 portions max) for events. Please do not depend on these meals and lower the guest count, having an accurate guest count is important for the success of the event.

If we do go over the portions, we will charge you the next day. Please let us know if you would like us to firmly stop, or continue serving portions in this case. Alternatively, if less portions are served, we can pack up any leftovers.

What is your cancellation policy?

Deposits and full payments are non refundable. However, you can use these payments towards another event date if you do need to cancel. 

How many people can you serve in an hour?

We can confidently serve 200 guests every hour.​

What is the standard menu for the food truck?

For the savoury truck, we typically include a choice of 3 mains, 2 sides and drinks. Guests will be able to choose 1 main, 1 side and 1 drink for their meal. Desserts are available to add if needed. A sample menu of our most popular items will be sent to you, but you can choose your own items from our main menu online.

What is included in the food truck service?

We include disposable food trays, napkins, forks & knives. Condiments include ketchup & hot sauce. 

How long do you stay for a service?

Our price includes a window of 1.5- 2 hours for the event. If it is longer than this, the price will increase slightly. 

How far will you travel?

We can facilitate events in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga & Hamilton/ Burlington for our regular travel fee. Anywhere outside of these areas is subject to availability/ higher travel fee. Some areas we do not travel to in general (inquire please.)​​

Do you offer tastings?

Typically for a food truck menu, we do not. For a wedding menu, we do only after a deposit has been left.​

Do you supply tents, tables or chairs?

Typically we do not supply anything other than the food truck for the service- however, we can assist with rentals if needed. ​

What is the best way to ask for a quote?

Email Ami at Or, go to the contact us page and fill out the form. Phone calls are by appointment only, and we prefer to have more information about your event before chatting on the phone.

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